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My Favorite Restaurants!


For my birthday my daughter Caroline gave me the gift of Storyworth. It is a program where you compile a list of questions about your personal life. I thought perhaps the readers of my books would like to see a  snap shot of my personal life. I've left a box to the left for your comments.

Storyworth Question One:

What  have been your favorite over the years? 

Growing up on the Hill, I didn't go to many restaurants until high school and could drive. It was then I found Dalesandros Steaks — the best in Philly, and Nicks Roast Beef in South Philadelphia.


Living in Mansfield for 14 years, we often went to Elmira, NY, thirty miles north of Mansfield, and had dinner at Pierce's and Morretti's. Living in State College for ten years, without a doubt, The Tavern was our favorite. There was a restaurant in Boalsburg, next to State College we liked, but I cannot remember the name. It was in an old house.


We loved Old Bookbinders at Third and Walnut and the Prime Rib in Philadelphia at 17th and Locust. Today there are some delicious restaurants in South Philadelphia, such as L' angolo's and Scannicchios, about a block apart, and Pesto Restaurant. And, one restaurant everyone should go to at least once (we've been there about ten times) Bomb Bombs, renamed after two mob murders — and they weren't shootings. 


But, the most incredible restaurants were those in Rome, Italy, where we have vacationed often. They include Bruno, on Quattro Venti; C'era Una Volta; Turi Oua; L' Antica Roma; Gino al Villimo; and our all-time favorites, Osteria Palmira and the excellent takeout restaurant, Franz. All spetatular restaurants. I have a list of about 50 restaurants we've been to in Rome, but not enough room here.

One thing about visiting Rome. NEVER, stay in the tourist sections near the Vatican and Roman buildings. Rome has wonderful neighborhoods where tourists do not visit. If you want to see true Italy, find a  great neighborhood. You can always visit the historic places by taking a 20  minute tram ride.

If you want to know more about Rome, ask me.

What were your favorite restaurants?

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