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The Accused

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Shootings and murders have besieged Philadelphia. Many of the accused are children. Here is the list I am following through the criminal justice process in Philadelphia, attending their arrangements and preliminary hearings..

The Roxborough Shooters

Five shooters allegedly pulled up in a van, jumped out, and opened fire on Roxborough High's football team leaving the practice field. The juveniles are being charged as adults:

Charges: aggravated assault, attempt to cause injury with extreme indifference, reckless endangerment, and murder.

Yaaseen Bivins, 21;

Zyhied Jones, 17;

Troy Fletcher, 15;

Saleem Miller, 16;

and one shooter still at large.


The alledged South Street Shooters

Two shooters allegedly opened fire on a Saturday night, at 11:30 p.m., on a crowded, bustling South Street. Three people were killed and eleven wounded. The alleged shooters emptied their guns — one gun left at the scene had an extended clip — then flew, to be apprehended later. Fourteen people where struck by bullets. There were other shooters, but I m on following two of the accused.

Charges: aggravated assault, attempt to cause injury with extreme indifference, reckless endangerment, and murder.

Nasir Jackson, 18;

and Namir Jones, 18.


The alleged Zachariah Julye shooting

While partying in a house in the city, the teenage partygoers allegedly left the party, robbed people on the street, then returned to the party with their booty. When it was his turn to rob, one young man allegedly had a gun and allegedly fired a shot into Zachariah Julye, 19, killing him.

Charges: murder, conspiracy, and various firearms charges.

Nathaniel Dorsey, 18

In the courtroom, I met Zachariah's parents, who are also following the alleged shooters' court appearances.


The alleged Samir Jefferson shooting

Three shooters allegedly chased down 14-year-old Samir Jefferson firing 36 shots, hitting him18 times, and killing him. Samir was waiting for a bus after school on the corner of Rising Sun and Wyoming Avenues.

Charges: murder, conspiracy, and firearms charges.

Haneef Roberson, 21

Kyair Garrett, 22

Quadir Johnson, 21


The alleged cone killing

A 73 year old man was crossing Cecil B. Moore Avenue near Temple when he was allegedly attaced by a group of teenagers. One of the teenagers allegedly beat the man to death with a traffic cone, blundering off half his skull. Two brothers, 10 and 14, turned themselves in, as well as a 14-year-old girl.

Richard Jones, 14. Charges: murder, and conspiracy.

So far I have not found charges for Jones' 10 year old brother or the 14 year old girl. Juveniles' names are not released unless they are tried as adults.


Alleged subway shooting

On the Broad Street subway line, pulling into the Fairmount Station, a teenager allegedly gunned down a 21-year-old man in the subway car as horrified passengers looked on. Semaj Cherry was shot 11 times. Another teenager, 16, was also shot on the subway car and was in stable condition at Temple Hospital.

Rasheed Born, 16. Charges: murder, robbery and to inflict bodily harm, plus numerous firearm charges.


The Alleged Green shooting

Five males allegedly chased Steve Green, 18, north on 60th Street and one of them shot Green18 times, killing him. Gary Taylor, 17, turned himself in with his parents. I have not been able to find any charges on the other four males.

Gary Taylor, 17. Charges: murder, conspiracy, and firearms charges.


Alleged playground shooting

Tiffany Fletcher, 41, was fatally shot when caught in the crossfire of a gun battle between teenagers outside the Mill Creek playground. The alleged shooter was arrested after on on-foot pursuit in the West Philadelphia neighborhood. Fletcher was the mother of three sons and a beloved member of her community.

Makie Jones, 14. Charges: murder, conspiracy, and firearms charges.

I have not been able to find any charges on the other three males alleged in the shooting.


The alleged congresswoman carjacking at FDR park

United States Congresswoman Mary Scalon attended a meeting in South Philadelphia's FDR Park in the middle of the afternoon. After the meeting as she approached her car, she was allegedly carjacked by five teenagers. One of the teenagers, 19 year-old Josiah Brown, allegedly held a gun. The ages of the other teens was 13, 14, 15, and 16. The 15-year-old was charged with resisting arrest. Brown is being held at the federal courthouse at 6th and Market. The penally for armed carjacking is life in prison. I can not find any information on the other teenagers.

Following them?

I attend each one's arrangement and preliminary hearing, and I take notes on the evidence presented. In some cases, I meet the family members of the victims, and sometimes of the accused.

I try to speak with defense attorneys, prosecutors, policemen, and judges. My three years experience as an investigative reporter for the Elmira Star Gazette in Elmira, New York, and my many years as a major gift officer have prepared me to write this book. All of the above accused are I jail and will remain there until their trials which will take place a year or year-and-a half from not. Guilty or innocent, they sit in jail because they are poor.

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