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Others say he was a bold and brilliant seaman, perhaps the best of his day, and that he paved the way to sail west, opening exploration of the New World. Some say he represents the Italian heritage, a proud and bold Genoese Catholic who is harshly and unfairly criticized. Did he discover America? It depends on what you called America in 1492. A high octane adventure based on historical facts. Darkness They Could Not See — a story you won’t soon forget.


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Published in either English or Italian.

Tired of book genes like mommy porn, romance/erotica, vampires, and horror? Try a story that happened 528 years ago. Go back to history.

Arguably, there is no greater controversy in history than Christopher Columbus. Seems like anyone with an ax to grind has an opinion on him. Some say he was a blundering fool who believed he found a western sea route to India, China, and Japan. Many — especially the descendants of the indigenous people of the Caribbean — say he was a genocidal oppressor looking for gold who destroyed an entire population of Taínos.

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