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The difference between these two books is this: One is real, and the other is made up.

On the left, The Shift is, is a creative story that takes place on the Hill like three of my previous books. It is a story about stealing bodies to sell them as cadavers for medical research.

Child Victims in a City Under Siege is not made up. Two hundred children were shot in Philadelphia in 2022 and the year is still not over. Using the Roxborough shooting, this book will look at —  besides the shooters — who else is responsible for the child victims.


Pulp Fiction: Hardboiled dialogue driven by a fast moving plot. All of Costello's books fit that description


While stealing cherries in a neighbor's yard on the Hill, four 15 year old corner kids witness a double homicide. They jump from the trees and run for it. The killer sees them, and unfortunately for the kids, it was a mob hit, and they don't like witnesses. Even kid witnesses. But the kids are hard-bitten and resilient, and with a death sentence on their backs, they take to the woods and streets to stay alive. Outsmarting the mob, police, and the Feds, it will keep you on the edge of your seat until the shootout ending.

It was a beautiful spring weekend on the Hill when four rough around the edges kids decided to spend it camping in the woods. They were hit with a mysterious light, followed by a mysterious, uncanny stranger walking into their campsite. It didn't take the Hill kids long to discover the visitor was an extraterrestrial being — they had to look the word up. But others knew about the visitor's arrival, such as the Air Force and the CIA. Not to mention the South Philly mafia. But the spirited kids hid the space creature underground and dug in their heels.

President Lyndon Johnson distrusted the Russians and snuck a scientist into Siberia to examine hidden mines. He discovered the Russians working on a deadly bacteria to sneak into the United States. But where and how? The Russians go undetected until the people on the Hill, on the edge of Philadelphia, begin acting strangely. They no longer needed to sleep, and they thought they found the fountain of youth. But things went crazy when the four corner kids put two and two together.

Lose yourself in a world of adventure and conquest. When reputation mean't taking risks far beyond imagination.

As thirty-foot waves crash against the hull of the Santa Maria, Columbus had to find a way to quash the boiling discontent among his crew or die. Darkness They Could Not See takes you on an adventure filled voyage on the high seas. Following the sun and the North Star, and yes, birds, the Admiral of the Western Ocean piloted his three ships against all odds until the very end.




"I love how the Author brought the historical character into this fictional book. It had me feeling Invigorating that I didn't want to put the book down. I am usually not into Reading Much, but Ron Costello's books have turned me into an "Avid" reader. The enjoyment of what would happen next was a Thrill. Again, this would Make a Great Movie!"

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